Price/Legit Check Tips and Guidelines.

Dec 14, 1999
remembering it again, hype gears up again. However, supply has been steadily decreasing and so the prices go up. A good example is the laser IV's.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, when a shoe's price stays stagnate for a while but the shoe is still coveted, expect the price to shoot up sometime in the near future. There's always the calm before the tempest.

7: Fads. This goes along with the paragraph before this one. You'll notice certain shoes become hyped up on NT and within the shoe "community" in general. A good example is whatever new Jordan has just came out. Every release warrants alot of hype, but then once the next new release drops, people tend to forget about the previous one. Fads have much more to do with pure snowballing of hype, than the actual shoe.

8: Wait for an opportunity to price check. If you absolutely cannot figure out a shoe's price, then wait for a good opportunity to tack the question on to a reply in a post related to that shoe (be it a pickup, appreciation, collection post...whatever). Make it relevant of course. Don't go, "Dope OLY VI's" in a post about VI's and then ask, "How much are the Grape V's running these days?".

9: Don't pay more than you think something's worth, don't sell for less than you think something's worth. Everybody is going to have different set prices on shoes. Buy what makes you happy. If that means spending a little more than "market" value, then so be it. A shoe is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for 'em. Just because someone answered your question with a specific price amount on a certain shoe, doesn't mean that's how much they will go for.

(I'd like to thank embsf, and Slam Ed for contributing these useful tips in a past post.)

1: Feel free to ask/answer questions reguarding the authenticity of a Jordan Brand shoe. But please respect everybody's questions. Not everybody can easily tell the difference if a Jordan XI is real or fake, so have an open mind and help them out. We were all new to the shoe game once and with the amount of fake shoes flooding the market, it gets harder to tell each day.

2: Don't just answer someone's question with a one-word reply such as "fake". Explain WHY a shoe is fake so they can become better knowledgeable. Remember, the whole point of this forum is to help out other Niketalkers. This is your chance to show off your sneaker knowledge! One-word responses don't do anything if they're not helpful. If we see members continuing to post these type of replies, we're gonna assume you're just free posting or trolling. And you will be warned.

3: If a question has been answered and the majority has voted whether or not a shoe is real or fake, I may close the post. Theres no reason why answers need to be posted over and over again in the same thread. If I see 10 legits in a row...locked. If I see a split somewhere down the middle, I may keep it open till we can get a solid answer. If a shoe is OBVIOUSLY fake and reasons have been explained, I may lock it after only a few replies. This will all depend on the situation.

If I've locked a post and you have a legitimate reason for me to re-open it, feel free to pm me to my ezinbox or email, and I'll gladly look into it.

4: Please do not post links directing to auctions, unless the auction has already ended. Post the pictures instead! We don't want to hurt someone's chances at getting a pair of shoes at a decent price.We also don't want to encourage members in buying fake shoes. If we see a link directing to an auction, we will delete it on sight.

5: Please do not post pictures directly linked to a website that sells fake merchandise. I know some people may not know, and we hope you understand if a certain link gets deleted. The mods/admins will do our best to explain why something has been deleted, or locked.

6: Bottom line...Promotion of fakes is S-T-R-I-C-T-L-Y PROHIBITED!

Read this link: here.

Thanks to Nikethestick91 for these helpful tips:

Here are some tips on how you can determine if a pair of shoes is legit.

This is the best site to go to if you need to tell if a pair of shoes is fake or not. It provides many different views of just about every Air Jordan ever made. It also has other useful information such as release dates, retail prices, production numbers, and production factories. Note: This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer.'s "View All" page

This site doesn't have every Air Jordan listed, but the ones that it does have feature very high quality pictures of many different views of the shoe. It also includes a small writeup about each shoe, and other useful information.

eBay is also a good way to see if your shoes are legit. To see if your shoes are real or not, you can go to a known legit sellers selling page, and see if he is selling a pair of shoes that you are trying to determine the authenticity of. You can also look at his feedback to see if he has sold something that you're looking for that he doesn't currently have. Also, if you're looking to buy a pair of shoes from an eBay seller, look at the other items that he is selling. If he has a full size run of white/black IV's, chances are that they're fake. Also look at their feedback. If they have a bunch of negatives saying that the shoes were fake, then it's probably a good idea to stay away from that seller. For a list of legit and fake sellers, go here.

Another tip I have, is that the most tell-tale sign that a shoe is fake is the tag. Fake tags usually have different fonts than real ones, and different production numbers as well.

I hope these tips can help you out, and hopefully prevent you from buying a fake pair of shoes. :smile:

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