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kinda cool....what do yall think?

Almost all prison tattoos are made by artist convicts using homemade tattoo "guns" (belowright). The work is done quickly and secretly. To be caught in a cell shakedown with either a tattoo gun or the fresh ink of a new tattoo results in a"major case". If, after a disciplinary hearing, the prisoner is convicted he may lose privileges, be moved to a more resrictive wing or even bedenied parole. In the regulated world of the maximum security penitentiary the handiwork of the tattoo artist is the mostrespected skill amongst inmates.

mexican mafia
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Texas Syndicate still goin strong huh. Pretty creative stuff but id hate to be doin life dog.
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^ that's how I see lil wayne in a few years...ill never tat my face..I thought my hands was crazy enough
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Grizzlyboy wrote: [hr][/hr]
Originally Posted by Mateen Cleaves

only reason id want to go to prison, to get tatted up.
I know the perfect person.

whats real messed up is that the same prison I made parole from
. Iwasnt in that prison but one very close to it and the parole board didn't meet at mine so I had to go there. Glad I didn't see him for real thoughdudes in that prison are WILD. I did see a few guys sling ink but I never got one myself. you would be real suprised at how crafty people are when there gettininked in prison.�In prison it was real ink and home made jail it was home made guns and ink made with ashs and shampoo
. theres alot of good work comes out of em prison though got to give em alot ofrespect.
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Blink that was funny.
I'm Mexican BTW. Seen most of my uncles tats. They do good work considering the circumstances
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