[Problem] Nike Free Flyknit: Sole - suction effect

Joined Jun 13, 2015

just two months after I bought my Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 shoes, there appeared a kind of suction effect on the sole overnight - on both shoes.

^ It appears somewhere in the highlighted area, everytime I'm walking on tiles or some PVC-like floor.

You can clearly hear it and I also feel it on my feet. I use them as daytime shoes, so mainly on carpet in the office.

Did anyone have a similar experience or any idea how to fix this?
Joined May 6, 2016
I had the exact problem, and also contact Nike- but they didn't help "because i bought from 3'rd party store" - 

Anyway - this problem Solved(Not by Nike), just cut a little bit in the marked area, so air will go through the "tunnel".
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