Promotion of fake merchandise is S-T-R-I-C-T-L-Y prohibited

Dec 8, 1999
Any kind of promotion for fake merchandise, especially so-called "variants" sneakers, is stricly prohibited at Niketalk - be the promotion unintentional or not.

This includes, but is not restricted to:

1) Direct links to sites that sell fake merchandise.

2) Pictures (also personal pictures) that are directly linked from sites that sell fake merchandise.

3) Pictures with tagged URLs on where to obtain the items displayed.

4) Links to (ebay) auctions that sell fake merchandise.

5) Written-out URLs of sites that sell fake merchandise.

6) Blatant positive behaviour in favor of fake merchandise.

7) Offers for e-mail contacts for spreading information on how and where to obtain fake merchandise.

The above list might be extended at any time if the staff sees a reason for it. You get the drift.

If you need/want to post pictures of fake merchandise for the honest reason to warn fellow NTers from new waves of fake merchandise, please upload them to your own server with no indication whatsoever on where to obtain them. Even if so, Niketalk reserves the right (duh) to lock/delete such kind of posts nevertheless, if the staff think there's something "fishy"..

Serious posts with questions like "are these fake?" with corresponding pictures will be controlled suspiciously, and, if there is a slight reason for mistrust from the staff's side, locked or deleted.

Remember: The more you talk about fake merchandise, even in a negative way, the more you attract attention to that issue and thus promote it, against your original intent - it's a pervert vicious circle.

Members who violate the above restrictions may be (very likely) banned without further notice.

Sorry ladies and gents, Niketalk simply does not tolerate fake merchandise in any form - we only promote the real stuff. I know 99% of you will agree with the restrictions and won't see a problem with that - so you won't be affected by them. For the remaining 1%: Read them carefully - ignorance won't save you from the punishment.

Don't read this sentence.
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