Joined Jan 19, 2006
long story short my  ps3 disk try not working so i gotta send it in 150 to get it fixed
. now before i send it in i gotta back up my files or saves  on a external hard drive .which the cheapest one i found was 50 dollars  so basically 200 dollars down the drain.  somebody told me i should try to buy a usb stick for 20 dollars and use it will this work ??? also was told i cant use mac book pro to do it ? my girl got a psp will that work??

cliff notes
ps3 needs to be fixed
has to back up files first external hard drive
150 for repair plus 50 for external hard drive= loss
needs cheaper alternative for back up
will a usb memory stick or macbook pro or psp work thanks

40 gb ps3 by the way had it for two summers
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