Dec 23, 2008


nothin beats FREE games
16gb memory stick ftw
If GTA: San Andreas Stories is released for the PSP, then it's mad appreciated.. If not, then it's kinda appreciated..
man my little nephew broke the screen on mine. i got it on release day and only played it like 10 times, im thinking of replacing the screen. can i get a linkto a site where i can hack it and learn ho to dl the games and modify it.
Mine is modded, but I rarely play it. And when I do play it, the only thing I play is Lumines 2 for a couple hours and try to beat my score, then put it down.Had it since launch. Still appreciated though.
Maaaaaan I use love my psp like I love my son

I got it on RD for 250$ and was pumped pause

NFL street(crack) was my first game Ihacked mine like on firmware 1.5

I sold it last summer for 150 and copped an iPhone 3g, I miss the free games
Originally Posted by Mangudai954

Im still took shook to do it. Plus, id rather buy the game to show support.
I still buy some games to support, but not as many as before. Even then I didn't buy many games.

I love playing all the old games on it. It's a serious piece of hardware, but it's too bad Sony was holding it down. Modded PSP's
. People don't realize how good it is until I show them what it can do.
guys help me out.. i have one of the original psp's that came with the spiderman umd.. now the LAN switch on the side is messed up, it just moves from sideto side and doesnt stay in place therefore i cannot go online with my psp.. can that be fixed or should i just chuck it?
Can't appreciate this, sorry.
Bought it once, sold it.
bought it again thinking i would use it as more than a glorified paperweight...nope.
Ended up losing it somewhere around the house and haven't really missed it.
Waste of $600 for me.
Chains of Olympus was
for the 2 days it took me to beatit
I've got old SNES, Sega, GBA, N64, and some PSX games on it. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, all the Sonic games, some N64 games, Valkyrie Profile andetc..........how can people not love the PSP???
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