Puffer Reds?

Jul 2, 2002
Anyone in the AA area that frequents this spot? I'm headin over there to see a friend in Ypsilanti and wondered if I should check it out.

Thanks guys
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I was there this weekend, I would defintally say it is the best shoe store in Michigan. You should defintally check it out.
^Ha, I thought I was the only one who thought that way about their customer service... The older dude (I think he owns it) is nice but all the younger cats who work their always have an attitude it seems like. Plus they keep all the stock in the basement and it seriously takes FOREVER for them to see if they have a size. I've waiting for literally 15 minutes for them to check on a size which is just crazy.

But their prices and shoe selection is almost unmatched... Plus they always seem to have non J's/1's on sale not to long after release.
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Thanks for all the responses, really appreciate it. I'm thinkin about headin over like next weekend or so. All I really have around me is the big chains, and a few Mr. Alans'

I think they take a break everytime they go and check for a size. i wanted so long one time i just walked out. it wasnt worth the 20 mins of waiting for some shoes i shouldnt be buying. it definitly made me reconsider buying them. anyone know the prices on the 360 hybrids there right now? ive been scoping them out, but they didnt drop the price since ive been there, which is unusual for them. i would be willing to wait 20-30 mins to get those (that is seriously how long it takes to get a pair of shoes u want, so be prepared to wait)

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Check out Footprints and Launch Board Shop while your in the area too.
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Puffers prices are defintally unbeatable, I picked up Kashima 97s for 60.
When my sister was at UM, I had her pick me up a pair of Jordan XIX Midwest for $70 from Puffer Red. Not sure how their prices are on other items, but I was definately happy with my purchase.
...and if you didn't already know...
Puffers is a 1 Door shop.
Only 25 in the nation.
More AF1's than any shop in Michigan (and Ohio and Indiana too I think).
Ask just about anyone at NikeTown in Chicago and they'll tell you to hit them up for sure. They know who Puffer Reds is.
They got the slick AF1 25th Concept Shop hook-up from Nike.
Good selection of apparel too I might add.
Check the CD's in the back too.

What am I gonna do when the aliens come?​
PR's customer service is definitely lacking

i greatly disagree but eh.

I went to MAJOR, KICKBALLERS and about 4 other supposedly premium spots in DC and they got nothing on PR.
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i really only deal with owner when i'm there (not a vip or anything, he's just around when i'm ready to buy something). he's the nicest guy i've ever dealt with, can't speak on anyone else, though. the prices there are great.
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Yeah Puffer Reds is a great place to goto. You won't be disappointed for checking out what they have.
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