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Nov 30, 2006
Does anyone know if there are the Puma PG GTX golf shoes anywhere in Toronto?

Isip (is it you that works at puma): are these at your store?

Prices would help if anyone knows...also deals would be nice too :wink:
I love golf.
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^ hahaha me too.

Can anyone atleast answer if they have the golf shoes at the puma store? Doesn't someone on here work there?
If I have not mistakened, you can find them at golftown. I think I saw the same pair when I was there looking for a new pair of formal golf shoes.

There was one colorway which was white/green which the salesman and I were joking around. There were all black and the white/black colorway as well. hope that helps.
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Yeah, they're cool nice. Most of the guys golf shoes are ridiculous...may as well wear some pleated pants and a callaway golf shirt. I'm all about the argyle vests and high socks...word to payne stewart.
Don't take me wrong, but when I said joking around, I was referring to the white/green being very flamboyant to be on the golf course.

Besides, the shoe is actually really poorly constructed. the technology is horrible. Stick to your guns for golf shoes. Puma's are nice on the street, but that's about it.

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hmmm, really? Care to elaborate on what you're talking about? I've read nothing but stellar reviews/reports. From what I can gather, they're made with high-end material (goretex, leather, nubuck) are waterproof and are exceptionally comfortable. Plus they're significantly better looking than some FootJoy's or Etonics...

Have you had these?
Actually, let me correct myself. I did not meant to say the technology is bad, as I did get the sales guy try to push these to me. He did say a lot of tech was in the shoe.

However, in my opinion, the shoe isn't very well designed. It's designed off of a street shoe concept. Fashion, yet, it does not give me the balance that i look for in my shoes. When i first started golf, I had the Footjoy Contours and they were by far the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. It props you forward so that you're leaning towards the shot, and the materials were definitely more superior than the pumas. I bought the Nike SP-6 and these are at the same price range as the puma PG GTX, and it by far supercedes the pumas again, with the leather quality and the overall comfort. It's built to provide me a stable stance, and zoom air is wonders on the golf course.

The puma PG GTX is really in essence, a lot of technology (I agree), but not a well thought out shoe. It still has too much inspiration of a street shoe, which is more esthetics than function. I didn't like the soft spike placements on the puma, and had subpar grip on the artifical turf Golftown had in their test range.

For the dollar value, yes, you get goretex, and some other value-added material, but it just didn't do it for me. I hope that's more elaborative on why I didn't think this was a well thought-out GOLF shoe.

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