*pure$ >>>> messy custom tru blues iii*

those r really sweet...r u gonna make the elephant print right when ur done with the midsole
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I wish i knew how to do the cement print, do you know where i can find the tutorial for cement print?

Can someone tell me what they use to paint the midsole, i want to do it really really clean?
made a mess on the right shoe =[

why dont you use a black paint marker.
I am the Beast... i dont even talk i let the visa speak. and i like my sprite easter pinkYaDaDaI?
Don't use no pen....I'm still waiting on REDBrim's secrets on how to do the elephant print...cuz I destroyed mine...so I had to cover it up with blk acrylic paint. On painting the midsole clean....I just took my time and used a thin brush for the edges while I used a thick brush for the in betweens.

I'm gonna take your advice and maybe try to clean it up with acetone but scared to ruin it more than I have already. I wore it once and cracking all over. I might just get some noncracking acrylic shoe paint from this shoe store indy. I should've just left it as it was plain and could've rocked them. I was gonna try to pick up another pure $ since my friend works at FL but now I'm out of luck. So yeah just take time in paint the midsole and you'll get a clean look. Your custom 3s and 4s look fine. We all can't be as good as REDBrim yet.


You can remove the paint off the midsoles with acetone, but i recommend masking it. The paint will start to come off and bleed into parts of the shoe that is not masked. I dont know if you can remove the paint off the elephant print.
nice bro. the midsole is going to be pretty hard dude cause it will crack for sure! its a diff material and thin. just color the jumpman in the back! switch up the laces for blue and you got some dope ash shoe. follow that and you will be satisfied. simple and clean
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