Pushing and punching civilians is how detectives get down in NYC? Warning: Annoying Camera Man

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Granted he shouldn't have resisted arrest but still.
Probably just flexing to impress the lil tender coworker he got too :smh:
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Mister Meaner

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**** boy cop want even trying to arrest him, just started throwing hands.

How you just gonna say I'm holding on to your ID.

Camera man :lol:

To be fair, we didn't see the approach and why the cop stopped him, but that escalated entirely too quickly from words to hands with the cop CLEARLY being the aggressor.
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Why was he being arrested in the first place?

Cop put his ID in his pocket and I never heard him tell him why he was being arrested.

Shady law leads to shady arrests.... Imagine that..

Time to change that law.. I can only imagine how offended I'll be if I was "stopped and frisked" just for waking freely down the street.. Disgusting.
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What exactly was he being handcuffed for?...seems like he was complying...too many hotheads in the NYPD man :frown:
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They just ruining peoples lives for no damn reason :smh:. I'm sorry to say this on here but cops like that need to get ****** up on some real street ****. Need some dudes to catch them out by themselves and give them the business.
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Dude shoulda knocked the broad cop out first honestly once him and the other cop started doing the circle dance.
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would've loved to see the guy in the red shirt be strapped and shoot that aggressive thug cop because he feared for his life.

i wouldn't mind seeing the same amount of bullets pumped into that cop as i heard "i got everything on camera" in that vid.  
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bro.. just came in here to post this mess.



that strength in numbers. :smh:
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also I'm a go against the grain
At least cop dude squared up
Dude in red coulda threw more punches
But I also understand he prolly woulda got shot if he beat up the cop

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Yo man, as a NYC'er this **** is sooo appalling to me.

I wanted to say "why is this happening so often these days" but that would be ignorant of me. It's always been happening, but now we can record the proof.

And to top it off, I have some people on my FB posting congrats to the new class of 2015 officers that just graduated. I pray that this new class replaces the old with better judgement, insight, and compassion for other NYC'ers.
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