Question about Best Buy's Performance Service Plan


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Hey Niketalk, I bought my laptop back in June 2008 with a 3 year performance service plan, and today my laptop's screen went out for some odd reason. It's not physically damaged, because the splash screen shows up, but when it comes to the log in page the screen like turns off.

I'm wondering if Best Buy can help fix this internal problem or do they only deal with physical damage?
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Yea they can repair it for you, they will have to send it into the service centers to get it fixed. They'll inspect it and see what they can do. If they can't fix it they will replace a new laptop in the price range you bought the laptop though. Call geeksquad, and go to the store of course.
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^More like 8 weeks.

If youve had it for less then a year go through the manufacturer FIRST that way you still have the remainder of the time with best buy.

Once you use up your service plan for best buy once itll be done, it doesnt cover you more then once, it does cover it for a one time servicing and that is all.
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