Question about OG X's

Joined Mar 23, 2007
wats up NT im looking to purchase a DS OG pair of shadow 10's but before i buy them i want to know if they are still wearable.......are they most likely gunna crack and fall apart??
will there be any problems????.........or can i buy them and wear with no trouble. :\
Joined Jul 13, 2007
U might as well wait for the pair that comes in the Janurary package next year.
R.I.P Richard Dowell
Joined Apr 12, 2007
welll it all depends on hows is the condition u could wear them like once or twice n walk but dont be to agressive when ur walkin n if see that nothing is happen than there wearable cause i have OG New York Knicks n I Have Even Balled in Them Once n They are Still Crispy
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