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Feb 20, 2006
My account status is verified, however i can't find where to confirm my account, ive heard that Canadian users can't have confirmed accounts. Not sure if this is true. Any feedback's appreciated.
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IIRC accounts can only be confirmed with certain banks.
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im confused, what's the diff between verified and confirmed?

verify = money
confirmed = address


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The verification is normally with your bank account information, and the confirmation of the address is normally done with a credit card. They were saying at one time they couldn't confirm Canadian addresses because of the whole thing of not being able to get all the info from the banks, and credit card companies. I think that's garbage because I've had my account since I was like 17, and I was "verified", and "confirmed" within a year of using my PayPal account.

Also, I don't think a lot of people know but they've actually launched into Canada fully as of last August, so there shouldn't be a problem to have your address confirmed.
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^^^thanks, the paypal site is sorta all over the place with that confirmed stuff, i'll try to get my @#%$ set up.

btw, the FRIIIs are great.
looking for (sz 12-13):
safari dunk high
AM1 NL cement (black)
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^ I'm glad you like them. I'm going to be back on my grind over the next few weeks. Just keep watching my signature to see what's good.
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I always find it weird when I see other Canadian NT'ers ask this.......When I signed up for my PayPal account, it gave me an option to confirm my address right away, and all I did was enter my phone number and a machine called it like 2 seconds later and said your address is now confirmed blah blah......and it was all good :\
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^^ thats only to confirm your address, to verify your account and confirm your bank account they need to deposit 3 deposits into your account and u read those amounts off ur bank statement and then type em in, thats the process to verify and confirm your account.

dont get why people have problems with paypal. its so easy to use and very handy and secure. been using it since i was 16 with parents CC but set it all up myself. SMH
Isn't Confirm Address also might be with matching shipping address on Ebay? Linking it or something.

Anyway I had my shipping address and all other address all exactly the same.

And if you got a credit card on paypal, make sure the shipping or what ever address is exactly as it appears on your credit card statement that is:

For example:

(if on your credit card statement address reads)

Apartment 23,
216 Street, Toronto Ontario,
Canada, M2N 4K2

(on paypal/ebay's addresses out EXACTLY - line for line)

line1 - Apartment 23,
line 2 - 216 Street, Toronto Ontario,
line 3 - Canada, M2N 4K2

(do not put)

line 1 - Apartment 23, 216 Street, Toronto Ontario,
line 2 - Canada, M2N 4K2

^ Even this, putting 216 Street, Toronto Ontario on line1, Paypal will NOT be able to make your address as Confirmed.

Yes I knew this in detail because this is what happened to me, lol.
So stupid, even the format (line1, line2 line3 of the address) has to be exactly same as credit card statement.

After I changed this, my address was Confirmed.


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^ I don't even know. PayPal got a bit confusing with all the confirmation, and verification stuff last year with the expansion.
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mayo, how exactly can your account be confirmed without a credit card?

address = confirmed
bank account = verified

cuz i actually takled to paypal and they told me the only way to get confirmed is with a credit card.
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I honestly have no idea. I dont even own a credit card, but i have two accounts. One i use to buy/sell stuff, and the other i just use to hold money. When i send money from my main account to my backup savings one, it says **** or whatever sending Xamount of dollars. but i get notices and stuff saying its not verified

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