Question About Transferring Schools...

Joined Jun 13, 2006
Quick question...

I'm trying to transfer schools, but I'm worried that they might reject me.

But I wanted to know could I re-apply if they do reject me?

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Joined May 3, 2007
I'm sure you can reapply but most if not all schools have a jacket or file on you with all your application materials. if you do get rejected, the reason will be in that file. you'd hope that wouldn't interfere with their decision the second time but you never know.

why do you think you won't get accepted? best thing to do is go for it. also consider other alternatives
Joined Aug 20, 2003
i got rejected to temple as a freshman, then reapplied as a transfer student and got in.
i didn't go there but sometimes its easier to transfer into school.
Joined Oct 16, 2007
Think of it this way, 20 years down the line will you be content with your decision?
Just apply and don't worry about if you get rejected or not, worry about it when the decision comes
Most likely you will be able to apply again, if not, reassess what you want to do then.
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