Question Bout 2k and Live

Joined Mar 1, 2009
my boy was at gamestop the other day coppin live and the dude there told him that it was gonna be the last live cuz 2k bought them out! Can anybody shed some light on this? If this is true fml cuz i hate 2k's graphics

big j 33

Joined May 31, 2006
I haven't seen anything about it, and it would come as a huge shock.
Joined Mar 19, 2006
are all of the kicks in the 2k games generic? i'm all for graphics but i also like my players in the up-to-date nikes.
Joined Oct 13, 2001
BOLD faced lie. I am not understanding where your friend is getting his info.

He MIGHT be referring to Mike Wang (Producer) leaving 2K 2 years ago then going to EA< only to end up back at 2K as of recently.

2K buying EA would be like OG ECW buying out the WWE.
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