Question for Chicago NTers?????

Nov 4, 2003
Heres the deal. I am coming into the city on Saturday morning from Michigan. I will have to hit up the Skyway but will be exiting via Stoney Island to take LakeShore into Wrigleyville. I was wondering if any have traveled the route from Indiana to Wrigleyville area and what the traffic will be like? Just trying to guage how construction is. Thanks for any info or alternate routes.
Chicago is always fun. What I want to know is if the Tollroad/Skyway construction INTO Chicago is a beast. Also trying guage how long it will take to get in there. Thanks.
I've left the casinos from indiana around 5-8am saturdays, and I live on the Northside.

Saturday morning commute=no rush hour traffic. You should be fine even if you take LSD via the Dan Ryan to the Stevenson,

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Thanks alot sickickz23. I ddin't think Sat morning was gonna be a prob but I haven't been down since HJune so I was just wondering if anything had changed. Thanks again.
What are you going to be doing in wrigleyville if you don't mind me asking? because I thought the cubs were out of town this weekend? bars? but yeah, traffic shouldn't be too bad at all on a saturday morning...
DONT TAKE the dan ryan(90/94 west coming from south of the downtown),
go lake shore, the dan ryan construction is horrible no matter what time, but yea wrigley is close comin off lsd
just stay off 90/94 as much as you can.. traffic is still horrible but should be getting better, good luck with the drive.
Honestly that is the ONLY was I would come into Chicago from the east. If you ever try to come in on 90/94 you will shoot yourself in the face after about 30 minutes.
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My sister lives there. My fam is having a baby shower down there and I got volunteered to drive the crew down there. I NEVER take the Damn Ryan anymore. The Stoney Island exit is great. Never really knew about it until the past 2 years. I will just be screwing around down there with my cousin. Probably hit up some bars during the day and watch Golf. Nothing exciting at all. Thanks for the updates.
The Ryan is hell. I live in Wrigleyville -- its :pimp:
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Wrigleyville is great except the high tech stuff keeps us college kids out of the bars.
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^ Just depends what bars in wrigleyville... Yeah, if you want to get into like high tops, cubby bear, etc... probably need a good id. But I can think of a handful of bars in Wrigleyville where you could on a given night get in without an id at all let alone a fake. The Dugout for instance, its a terrible bar, but its not expensive either also two floors below my friends apt. we've got in friends 14 yr old little brothers in. That's probably the easiest but there are handful of other not so hard to get into bars in Wrigley they're just not the more well known ones...

like sports corner is a decent bar thats not hard to get into with a crappy fake...
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