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I'm having some problems with my legs. I used to run about 3 miles/day, 5 days a week. I wouldn't feel out of breathe, but my feet would to feel a little unstable so I'd be forced to call it a day. Now, it's my legs. I only jog about 1.25 miles a day at a pace of about 9 min/mile. I drink plenty of water during this time, not too much but enough. Any tips on anything I could buy/tak/do to help the endurance in my legs?
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Make sure your running shoes are properly fitted. You should go to a shoe store that specializes in running shoes and apparel (something like a roadrunner sports, but I don't know if there's a store like that in your area). They can tell you whether you are flat footed, neutral, or high-arched. Then from there you can get shoes that match your foot type. Usually the best types of shoes are the ones made by companies that specialize in running like Asics, Brooks, or Saucony (my favorite is Saucony)Most novice runners tend to want to run in Nike's just because they look cool, but I've had much more success with the smaller companies' shoes. They also tend to be a bit more durable. I would also recommend you run on soft surfaces such as grass or a track, since running on the roads can tear up your legs if you aren't used to it. And maybe try a running routine like this to start out: run for 5 minutes, walk for 5 minutes, run for 5 minutes, walk for 5 minutes, run for 5 minutes, walk for 5 minutes. This will give you 30 minutes total of exercise, and is an easy way to get started. The key thing is consistency. You have to keep building on the mileage every week, and if you take too many days off, you lose that fitness and that prevents you from building up your endurance. The key thing is sticking with the 5-6 day a week training, and just building it up week to week. Soon you'll be running 8 miles a day like me :smile:
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Proper warm up and stretching afterwards is a huge key. Far too many people do not take the time to do those things and they get major aches and pains.

I would also look into getting a foam roller and work that on your muscles a couple times per day.
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I always stretch before, but I will look into the foam roller. I honestly think that the shoes I'm currently wearing have made things a little worse (nike testing :smh:).
As far as Asics and Saucony, are there any particular models you would recommend? I like anything that is light, design isn't important.
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I ran the San Francisco Marathon last year and the LA marathon this year. From personal experience I feel that running 5 times a week is a bit much. I would taper it down to 3 maybe 4 times a week. Try to alternate your days doing resistance training one day then a run the next day. Always remember to stretch before and after, avoid anything rich in dairy or fiber before a run. I started running in nike lunars but found asics to be far more supportive (I run in asics gel nimbus 14's). I'm not sure how you're dieting but at first I used as a quick reference to what I should be eating. Just take your time and you'll be ok, when I starting running in 2011 I could barely do 3 miles, goodluck!
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