Question for the BMW heads vol. one car that even they can say is very overpriced

Joined May 24, 2007
Why are these 01-03 Z8's priced at over $130,000? Is it only because they didnt make that many of them. This is quite possibly the ugliest automobilethat money can buy for over 100K. You BMW fans have got to agree that this car was a dud.

Joined Dec 13, 2004
I love the Z8 in roadster form, it is ugly with the hardtop cover though.
Joined Sep 29, 2004
Isnt this the car JAMES BOND used in a movie?? I know that doesnt mean it can cost 100k.. The car is fast though..
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Originally Posted by damnneardeadstock

every BMW is overpriced

don't get me wrong, they're sick, but cost-to-own is just
on em
yeah seriously BMWs are very expensive anyways. but i'm not to sure why that z8 is 100k+. its ugly.
Joined Nov 21, 2005
It's rare. One of the dudes in my neighborhood drives this, I had no idea it was going for $130,000
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