Question for Vegas shoeheads

Dec 16, 2003
OK, I know the SC competition is at the NikeTown, but are there some major botique/urban account/mom & pop type of stores out there to see? I'm planning to make a trip to see a friend at some point, just doing some scouting.
check out laced lv although they need a better account.......suite 160 has the best account in town but the people who work there are dousch bags (sp?)
check the regional forums for more info
go visit neek at fruition
What's a sneaker boutique?​

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Yeah from my last visit, Suite 160 had a nice inventory compared to Laced.
Check out Laced, hella cool ppl there!
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laced got cool people from what i heard not that great of an account but i heard their trying to upgrade...suite 160 got nice stuff but the people who work their are gay ever since they got new staff..every new release they will tell you their pc is broken so tax will be $10 and they overprice and let their friends get in the store every new release without waiting in line and cop the shoes while everybody is outside they dont deserve their account i think laced does
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Laced, Fruition, Boarddeep, and Suite 160... when i was at Laced, they gave me a free Just For Kicks movie poster too...

Also going for the SC event, I know where where Laced and Suite 160 are, but where is Fruition and Boardeep at?
^yeah, can someone post addresses on all of those spots. i'm flyin out there 7-30-06 and would like to check out as many places i can

go hit up shiekh's shoes at the fashion show mall.. they got some nice stuff and i was in vegas for 4 days and missed the SC event on the 22nd because i was flying there from jersey on the 22nd. my damn flight kept getting delayed >=O! and i heard from a niketown employee that they were givign out free pairs of militaries if they came up to you and asked you a question about jordan or something. oh well.. theres always next time.
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heading out there this weekend tdog said post up some addresses if yall can
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