Question on AF1 Inside Out Philippines

just another thing that nike does sometimes to make you go, "hmmm". :rolleyes
what he said^^^^^ the fact that they released an AF1 Philippines edition and it wasn't even sold in the PHILIPPINES... :lol:
Francis Magalona even went as far as Amsterdam to get his pair...
kung sino pa yung asa pinas, tayo pa yung walang mga pair... :smh:
miski sana ginawang limited release dito...
Personally both factors help...

Colors where appealing except for the maroon midsole but making it a PI edition it made it easier to accept that flaw. Would have been better if they just made it an all clear sole.

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^ tumpak ka dyan doubleo..
They could've made a better colorway but because its a PI edition it made it more appealing.
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