Question to anyone thats seen a football game at the GA Dome

Dec 1, 2005
how is the view from the 300 level or endzone seating? Im trying to get tickets to the game against the cowboys. My price range only covers the 300 level or 100 level endzone seats. i know they got pics on the falcons website but i want to read some personal opinions
Oh, damn. I'll be in the same building as Fresh.

Given the choice, I'd take the 300 level sidelines over the 100 level endzones. Up in the 300s, you're looking down on everything, so you really get to see plays develop. 100 endzones, you're looking at the backs of somebody at all times.

If you asked me to rank things...

1. 100 level sidelines
2. 300 level sidelines
3. 300 level endzone
4. 100 level endzone
5. 200 level (The Club level. Full of corporate types. Most don't really care about the game and get offended if you get too loud.)

(Cowboys are getting stomped, by the way.)
Yea i wanted to seat in the 300 sideline level but i really couldnt get a sense of how high up it was. I dont really want to spend more than $350 total. When you were in the 300 level did you feel like you needed binoculars or could you see everything good?
Def. not and I've sat in in Row 25 (There's 26 rows in the 300s) more than once.

I'm assuming you're looking for 2 seats? I'd usually suggest waiting, as the secondary market usually hits a dead period. But, if both teams keep winning, demand will only go up.

You should be able to get in for under $350, though.
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