Quick LC Bred 11's

Joined May 19, 2013
from what i see 3rd spacing carbon fiber 

looks legit from the 2 pics i see
Joined Apr 30, 2006
I'd be sketched out by the pics alone. When I thought about selling my 2 pairs I took a pic with the box, all contents, and receipts. Stay on the safe side and update NT with better pics. Also don't be afraid to ask questions, ask as many as you need. You're the one taking the risk so cover yourself on all sides
Joined Jun 7, 2013
The flash of the camera isnt doing any justice., I'd like to see a closer natural daylight shot of the bottom cf... they look plastic with the camera flash
Joined Jun 7, 2013
Ohhhh yeaaaa definitely carbon fiber... how about the box? The shoe I can pretty Much vouch, but the sneaker needs it's home.. good luck! Hope everything will work out!
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