quick northbend outlet report!

Jun 18, 2005
- presto black/navy blue 59.99 (i think, i forgot): FSR
- dunk 6.0 black/white w/ red swoosh 39.99: FSR
- premium AM1 anthracite/spanish moss/baroque brown: 8.5
- baltoro SAMPLE lime green/orange (29.99)
- AM 360 Basketball white/white/chrome/varsity royal (99.99): FSR

- Jordan V Sunset 79.99: W9-W10
- Jordan V grey/shy pink 79.99: FSR
- Jordan XIV low white/cerise/classic green (49.99): FSR
- zoom moire+ grey upper/purple/grey midsole: FSR

the zoom moire's are really nice. there also is a zoom moire on the men side, but i forgot the color (grey/red/white/black) or something like that.
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was there anything good on the back walls?
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just those am1's i said and those baltoro samples. they also had some barkley's (brown waterproof cb34) in a size 9. me and my friend asked em if they had anything in the back, they didnt have anything... the only good thing to get is either those am1's, the zoom moire's, sunset V's, presto's and the dunks...
Hella filthy!
Team Pacific Northwest​
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