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I ordered a jersey from Ebay earlier but got an email from Paypal about my card no longer working because I cancelled it. I added my new card to my account and my recent activity on my PP says that the echeck is uncleared. Should I try buying the item again because I had to add the new card or will it go through? This is my first time ordering something off ebay so I don't know how it all works. 


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maybe you should look into why it did not clear.

if anything you would just need to send payment again but im guessing it wouldnt clear again?

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It didn't clear because the card I had connected to my paypal was an old debit and I have a new one with a different security number now. How long does it usually take for the transactions to go through cause there hasn't been any money out of my bank account yet but when I go on ebay, it says that I bought the item.


Just looked into it and it says I used my payment method was through an eCheck and that it was confirmed 
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