Quick! Question about Kobe V Traction.

Joined Oct 8, 2009
To those who have owned the shoe and have played in it to give the grip time to break in.

Where does it rank? Is it good? Just ok? On par with the Kobe 4's? Better than the Kobe 4's?
Joined Jul 31, 2009
It's pretty grippy, I have the chaos colorway btw. Most would say the grip on the IVs are better, because it's herringbone but I think they're about the same. The grip does need to be broken in, during my first few wearings I would slip every time I drove to the basket. It was like there was gloss on the bottom of the shoes but it went away after my 5-6 wearing. On a scale of 1-10 I would say 8-9, better than the 2k5s (my other hoop shoes) imo.
Joined Sep 29, 2003
I have both, an I find that the V's slide around quite a bit compared to the IV's, Ive worn them 4 times, so we will see how it goes
Joined Sep 2, 2002
I agree here about the herringbone traction being slightly better from the Kobe IV, but the EKG pattern on the Vs do the job quite well. I was apprehensive since herringbone is tried and true.

I've got the Chaos and Aways and have not had any problems slipping. I wanted to get the Dark Knight's but they have a translucent sole which I stay away from with a passion as it tends to get slick with increased wear and have you slipping all over the place. Thus far I've personally experienced this with the Jordan XIX, XX2, and 16.5. I just can't do translucent from a performance aspect even though they look cool as all get out.

Ultimately the sole traction on the Kobe V isn't out of this world like the Jordan XIV, XX, or XX3, but it does the trick very well. I'll be getting the Hyperdunk 2010 as soon as they release (in essence the same shoe with herringbone pattern) so I can compare the difference and post here what results.
Joined Sep 26, 2004
I think the traction is great but i still think my BB1's had a slight edge as far as traction goes. I've only played in them for probably like 3 games though.

crazy ebw

Joined Jul 2, 2001
Carbine, take that pic out of your sig.

The traction is fine for me as well. I don't see how people have had issues with slippage. They must not run correctly or something.
Joined Aug 7, 2010
For me, both pairs I've owned (Chaos and Inline) had below average traction out of the box (6/10). But after you break them in (5-7 wearings) then the traction is very good (9/10).
Joined Aug 3, 2009
I havent had slippage in either the iv or the v.  The iv have very minimally more traction than the v but all the other features of the v make it a much greater shoe than the iv imo
Joined Sep 29, 2003
They dont get better, the traction sucks on the hardest of cuts, its not the worst traction, its okay, but when you really need to change directions they arent to reliable. I play on a clean surface.
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