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Apr 2, 2002
ok so im out of school, and got my first entry level job making about 36k a year(ya first job out of college was not what I expected). can anyone tell meroughly what percentage of my wages will go to taxes? im not married, no kids...just a single guy. o i'm from cali if that helps. thanks
[h3]2009 Tax Rates[/h3]Below are the marginal tax brackets for 2009. Tax rates progressively increase as income increases. The tax rates apply only to theincome in each tax bracket range. Also, the tax rates apply only to taxable income. Various adjustments and deductions, including the standard deduction andpersonal exemptions, all lower a person's taxable income. Taxable income is almost always less than your total income.
Capital gains may be taxed at different tax rates. Capital gains tax rates arecalculated separately.

Note: These tax rate schedules are provided for tax planning purposes. To compute your actual income tax, please see the 2009 instructionsfrom the IRS for Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ as appropriate.
[h3]Single Filing Status[/h3](Tax Rate Schedule X)
  • 10% on income between $0 and $8,350
  • 15% on the income between $8,350 and $33,950; plus $835
  • 25% on the income between $33,950 and $82,250; plus $4,675
  • 28% on the income between $82,250 and $171,550; plus $16,750
  • 33% on the income between $171,550 and $372,950; plus $41,754
  • 35% on the income over $372,950; plus $108,216
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