RALEIGH Peeps, where do u cop J's ???

Feb 5, 2007
in person, not on-line ????

yesterday some cat had a gat to get his place in line, until he got dealt with, thats too much for me

where do y'all go and find luck in the search for the GREATES CREATIONS EVER ????????

thanks yo !
*Crabtree Valley Mall (Footaction has an urban account)
*Footaction Outlet in Cary (Got my wife alot of nikes such as air max '97's for $20)
*Northgate Mall in Durham (check for DTLR)
*Fashion Avenue in Raleigh and Durham
*Four Seasons Mall In Greensboro
*Journeys/Underground Station (Crabtree, Southpointe & Triangle Malls) for the Jordan inspired dunks

can't think of anymore right now but when i remember some more shoes spots i'll hit u up
good lookin out man, TY !!!

crabtree is where the cat pulled the pistol

fashion ave. slipped my mind though
yea alot of stupid cats get there j's from footaction so you do have to be careful...i remember when they use to open the mall early, but people started fighting at the altitudes release and now you have to what till 7 or later to get in
Footaction in Crabtree...

Also one of my favorites is the Finish Line @ Tower Shopping Center
xxii was the last thing, aint much but some forces and air force stats, prolly get the 3s at the end of the month, ill keep u informed, o ya. asst. manager in a month
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