Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

Jul 25, 2012
Formerly the Everyday Struggle thread,

discuss anything Joe Budden or DJ Akademiks related, as well as any overall current events & news related to Hip Hop in this thread.
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enjoyable show.  the parallels between this and the dumb **** I read here are so on par with todays music taste.  I think they should involve another host.  maybe a guest spot.
it's moreso joe, he has no sense of balance

he doesn't understand the replay value is higher if your counterparts shine as well as you

Akademiks is a boss level gump so it's hard for Joe to be reigned in. I already knew after that behind the scenes video where they both had a bone to pick with the writer and when he came son threw Joe under the bus and played the brown nose role Joe was gonna come for his neck on the show every chance he got.
ak is absolutely goofy

but not much goofier than joe

ak has a punchable face and joe has a punchable tone

but to my point joe railroads the convo on his own podcast

joe mentioned on his own pod that complex viewed ak as a threat so my theory is they are aiming to lessen aks brand by playing up his novice-ness

up front I think ak stands to lose more money being on complex, from what I hear from many is they don't pay well but it could roll into something bigger from some other outlet but again he gets big numbers on his own
Joe's face when he said that
This show is mad entertaining.

Joe brings substance to the show but laced with a level of idiocy (to some) in his delivery.

Hip Hop needs this but eventually to continue to push the culture we definitely need something better.
show is a instant hit

joe gotta stop screaming tho and cutting everybody off

I hate when cats say let me finish like they ain't been talking for 10 minutes straight
I'd like to hear Yachty speak on these subjects again in five years. A lot of people live in the moment and think that moment is going to last forever.

All these dudes are in 360's talking about their money, when it's less money in hip hop now. I hope he has some good people around him.

I hope he really doesn't think all publicity is good publicity either. Too many people believe it in our social media and reality tv show era.
I think also Joe wants him to care, because he knows he's going to be taken advantage of. He just didn't come out and say it or maybe went about it the wrong way.

Rappers, hell musicians have been taken advantage of for six or seven decades. But he's 19.

Just having fun and having cars, that's how labels and people take advantage of you. You think you have something, when you don't.
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Anytime they mention Playboi Carti and Nadeska going sleeveless 

These dudes turnt at the end of the show with all that Henny in their coffee mugs.
Akademiks went on that o.d. long rant that's now up on YouTube talking about how Joe would never tell him to shut the f up the way he does the cohosts on his podcasts and Joe straight up YELLED it at that ***** today on everyday struggle. Ill part is dude actually got quiet afterwards. For as annoying as I find joe yelling and all that, Ak comes across as madd buns to me.
Sadly i like joe as a rapper....but i can't take him on this show. This yachty interview made me hate him even more. Like pick the young man up stop putting him down and stop trying to trap him with bitter questions. I am not even a yachty fan at all either. Interview was wild annoying
Interview was good, I think Joe has experience and was trying to school Yachty on the industry, hence the 360 situation, and I think Joe is still in the era of "I want to be the best lyricist out there" where Yachty just "wants to have fun," Joey just doesnt understand that. He did say he likes Yachty after talking to him, but doesn't like his music as much.

I like the show, I caught all episodes except one. I do wish that Joe would just Chillllllll for a bit, I get that its supposed to be like First Take and Undisputed, but the other co-host still got to speak without all that shouting...I'll still watch.
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