Raps/Suns @ ACC JAN 3rd, 2006

Jun 3, 2006
Who's going? Pretty big game...1st game of the new year, Nash's return to Canada, Suns are exciting, Bosh/Ford/Jorge back in action possibly.

The quest to the Titanic Division title continues...

If anyone has extra tickets or access to some good side prime or balcony side prime then hit me up.


i'm reaching the game... my girls mom gave em to us as a stocking stuffer. hopefully it turns out to be a good game. hopefully, the raps win!
i'll be there!!! 2nd row baby!.....sprite zone
ill be there

tickets arent that great though
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So you guys organize something and meet up before the game.
Yea ima be there section 116 aka "The Tunnel" not bad seats.
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only tickets that were left were the upper bowl seats. nonetheless, im reaching. i'll know if i run into a nt'er just by looking at the shoes. haha
Raps have a fighting chance with Bosh back and Phoenix winning a nail biter in Chi last night...they prolly flew here after the game and may be a bit tired on the tail end of a back to back!
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ford is a game time descion. i know hes eager to face the MVP.

My footwear choice is also a game time decision but olive 5s are proabable
What's up Tdot? Other than Danny, Q and Hek, I don't recognize anyone else in this thread. I've been away for too long, lol. Anyway, for those going tonight, feel free to drop by the Sprite Zone (317/31 8)

A sprained right ankle will keep T.J. Ford on the shelf for a second straight game while Jorge Garbajosa's strained right calf muscle will force him to miss the game.

Ford was hurt in the final minutes of last Friday's loss to Chicago and sat out Saturday's game in Memphis; Garbajosa was hurt in the final minute of that loss to the Grizzlies. Both players are being listed as day-to-day.

So, as they welcome back Chris Bosh, the Raptors must face one of the best teams in the NBA after suffering a huge hit to their rotation.

Jose Calderon will get the start in Ford's spot and he'll have to contend with two-time MVP Steve Nash while Bosh will replace Garbajosa as a starter.

But no one should expect Bosh to be back to his usual 20-10 self after missing 12 games.

"He's practiced well and his stamina's been okay but game speed is different," coach Sam Mitchell said this morning of Bosh. "We'll just have to see how he holds up."

The 23-year-old Bosh said he's not worried about the toll playing will take on his injured knee.

"I've been listening to my body and that's the reason I'm coming back now," he said today. "I've waited enough; I'm as close to 100 per cent as I'm going to get."

The last thing the Raptors want is for tonight's game to turn into a track meet. They don't have the athletes, the quickness or the size to keep up with the Suns over 48 minutes.

"I don't think we're going to try to run with Phoenix," Mitchell said. "We'll play the way we play.

"We'll take layups if we get them but we're not going to run with them."

The divergent styles may lead Mitchell to tweak his starting lineup a little bit.

It's blatantly unfair to ask Rasho Nesterovic to try and chase Amare Stoudemire up and down the floor Stoudemire had about nine dunks in his first 10 baskets when the teams met in Phoenix last month but with the absence of Garbajosa, he'll have to.

One thing Mitchell is likely to do is ask the first big man back on defence, Bosh or Nesterovic, to guard Stoudemire because he'll be out on the break on almost every Phoenix possession.

That'll leave the other big to either catch up with Boris Diaw or Shawn Marion, although Joey Graham will have the primary responsibility on Marion.

"Everybody on the team and the coaching staff expects to win this game," said Bosh. "We have to make some minor adjustments.

"We'd like to have T.J. but I'm sure they would have liked to have had me for the last month. That's just the nature of the game."

Meanwhile, Garbajosa, the 29-year-old who was named the Eastern Conference's rookie of the month for December, keeps piling up the awards.

The Italian weekly magazine Superbasket named Garbajosa Mister Europa 2006 for his play with Unicaja Malaga in the Spanish league and Spain's national team.

Garbajosa was named the MVP of the Spanish League finals and had 20 points and 10 rebounds in Spain's gold-medal winning outing against Greece in Japan last fall.

He beat out the likes of Dallas's Dirk Nowitzki, San Antonio's Tony Parker, EuroLeague Final Four MVP Theo Papaloukas of CKSA Moscow for the 33rd edition of the award.

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Went down last minute...

GREAT GAME! I don't know if it's just me but did we not have one final timeout?! When I saw Martin dirbbling down court with 3 secs left, I threw my hands in the air in outrage...

Didn't see anyone but if anyone saw me I was in some Grey Snakeskin Adidas Superstar and a black GDFT pinstripe fitted...

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r2kidd sighting...so maybe we can take him out of the MILK CARTON thread...heh

FOR SALEdOubleO @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces)
That was a crazy game, I have no voice left. Thanks for the props Danny, I try to bring the excitement every game, the ACC needs to learn to rock for 4 quarters, sometimes it feels so dead in there.

Saw dimsum at the game. I recognized his face as he was lining up to get in the Sprite Zone and we had the awkward "ummm, are you on NT" convo :rofl:
the only dude i saw and thought he was a nt'er was some chinese dude in laser 4s other than that i dont think i saw any NT'rs...
real good game. mitchell should of taken out derek martin when he started feeling himself too much and putting up those ******ed shots/air balls.
i swear we had 1 more time out left... man..................
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