Raptor 7 LC

Joined Aug 16, 2012
I've been eyeing to get Raptor 7s in a decent price and finally found one that I'd like to pull the trigger on. Just a couple pictures that I got from the seller. Last ones from the CL listing. Also, do these run TTS, big, small? Appreciate the help guys. I noticed the older box, I asked which release year they were and said 2012. I also noticed the laces are flat laces, something subtle i noticed. what do you guys think?
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Joined Mar 25, 2013
they are fake man stay away.. 

Shape off

Quality terrible: paint/stitching

Rounded where should be pointy/midsole 

Wrong box

Flat laces 12's had oval laces

Hope this helps
Joined Feb 4, 2013
Fake. Stay away for sure.

The paint job looks bad, the 23 on the heel looks bad, laces are off, and the box is completely incorrect.
Joined Aug 16, 2012
Appreciate it yall! i caught on after he offered to sell a DS space jams that i knew were hella fake.
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