Reason TV Is Great

Jun 28, 2004
His videos on Reason TV (the Drew Carey videos are in on the lower, left hand side of the homepage) are the truth and theyare entertaining at the same time. You know things are crazy when the things coming out of his mouth make more sense then our policy makers and most of thepundits that we see on TV every night.

In addition to those video shorts with Drew Carey, Reason TV has a lot of videos that features discussions and back story on what got us here today and whatcan be done about it. I highly recommend Reason TV to anyone who is interested or concerned about what is happening with the Economy and with Politics butwants it presented in an approachable and at times humorous manner. It is great for the concerned citizen who is easily bored and not easily entertained.

Check the site out everyone and BTW, it was funny seeing one of my old professors in episode 20.
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