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Edit: Thank you for fixing that lol. Reading now.

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Honestly, it's Terry, and she should know what to expect when it comes to his shoots. He has that off sense of humor about him that just might strike people the wrong way. In this situation it feels like she was up for everything, but later regretted having photographic evidence of her shaking hands with his baby's arm and deciding to blog about it (or however they managed to get this story). It's well known he gets naked most of the time to make the models feel more comfortable doing the same. The models for the most part will say "I will if you will".....nothing out of the ordinary for him. Hell, if you own his book you'll find that out pretty quickly lol. It's hard to take someone seriously when they call themselves "vain with nice ****" at the end of the day.

What is the source for this article btw?
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I added the link at the top.
A few people are coming forward now and telling stories on how he manipulates models and is a big perv.

I agree with you.  His reputation is well known.  Those young models should know they don't have to do what they're not comfortable doing.  It doesn't matter who is asking/telling you to do it.  Their agencies need to train them better but, their agencies probably don't care.  He takes great, provocative pictures and people will always want to work with him.
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Why it isn't obvious that dude is a perv/predator disguised as a photographer is what I'm surprised about.

When I first heard of him, I looked at a lot of his pics to see what the big deal was and I immediately thought that he was/is a a creep in an unconvincing disguise. I guess he's fooling some people though.

And really, the only difference between him and a lot of photographers out there is that he's bold enough act on his urges when in the presence of a nude model. Most of those dudes are creepy.
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a good friend of mine said she saw him in a coffee shop and he walked up to her. being that she's a big fan, she obviously spoke with him.

she ended up going to his place to hang out and maybe take some photos.. but he instantly became too sexual and was asking her to take her clothes off and touch his penis.

ever since then she's hated him. dude is delusional thinking every girl wants to rub his #*%+, but hey... i guess he's so obsessed with his own fame that he thinks anything goes... 
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