Recently Released Vintage Nike Air Flight 89




Havent seen these anywhere around here, and, I know this board loves 89s.



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On with the grunge look again, I see.


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Somebody wake me up when Nike realise that the Flight 89 in its High version was a hotter shoe...and Retro it.
^^ Don't bring on the patent! Bring us White/green.
5 years on Niketalk. I know more than you.
I regret not copping the all black patnent colorway. I do think the cool grey patnent are the best ( bought them for 110 from ebay about a year ago ds)
Eff the patent colorways! Yeah, I said it! I'm not a fan of the patent. Just give me a single OG inspired smooth leather based colorway. I'll even settle for a any colorway thats actually leather or durabuck (NOT SUEDE), but its gotta be similar to OG colors...not the crap we've got on Eastbay right now with the all white midsoles and that crap.

That coloway above had soo much potential with the oiled leather, but the colors are all wrong.
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I actually kinda dig em, might cop. I loved the grey/purple ones too. The quality on these are up to par
Has anyone seen these in person? Any comments? Thanks.

Btw, the swoosh on the inside side is "green", same color as the "Flight" on the tongue, right?
Nike need to stop with the bad colors for this shoe. This is one of my favorite shoes of all time. Nike, just release OG colors and PLEASE, PLEASE bring backthe high-top version of this shoe.
best color of those were da black and white ones...and i aint cop cuz da barkleys and pennys dropped da same week...
so all of you have held it in person and still think it's trash???? i've held it, better in person. i had the same experience with the brown cinders.ugly in pictures but a must cop in person
Thanks for the pic and info Maze. Those are super fresh. I'm sure they're 100% better in person too.
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