Recommend me some Purple Sneakers

Aug 7, 2003
I need some purple sneakers and don't know what to get. Can anyone recommend a pair? not looking to drop $300.00 either

Air max 1 $70-90 plus shipping on ebay
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Sz.10 Infareds and sz.10.5 1994 1's for Sale. PM me or​
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Stussy World Tour Highs. I think those are nice, and I've never seen anyone wearing them
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Grape Vs n Avenger Sb's
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I say those purple 90s...they just crease a lot but other then that they prefect
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Looking For:
Penny 2s Sz 6.5 or 7
AJ CG IIIs 7.5
Any color Spizikes in 7.5
Tech pack 90's are a really hot shoe.. and affordable but viotechs were my first choice.
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