Recommendations for a good running shoe?

Feb 15, 2006
sups, i been getting into jogging/running a lot n getting into better shape. I've been using the Military blue 4s..retro (
yea i know). But i wanna goout n buy some good lightweight sneakers with comfort, and just something to throw on my feet if i wanna go down the block or for a drive. My gf keeps sayingets some shox, but shes obsessed with shox so thats kind of a biased recommendation lol, and theres so many different types of shox so idk. But yea recommendme some sneakers NT..thanx
You have to be careful with running shoes.

Asking for online recommendations on any shoes, especially running shoes and especially if you are going to do some real running, is kind of like showing us amenu of a restaurant you're at and asking us to order your dinner for you.

There's just no way to tell what will work for you unless you try different shoes on. The best thing you can do is go to a running specialty store and askthem to check you out and see how your foot pronates. The people there are usually serious runners and know their stuff.

I would avoid Shox for anything but basketball, and even then I wouldn't prefer a Shox-based shoe. If it's going to be light running, I would look atneutral type shoes, basic Frees or Air based shoes. I would also avoid anything from the 360 line, other air maxes might work though.

Personally, after I tried Asics Gel Nimbus VII's, I never wanted to try anything else, but Asics can be a bit pricey for the nicer models. For justrunning, I think Gel is a far better cushioning system than anything Nike or Adidas has to offer. But there are a lot of brands out there I've never evenheard of that are probably better, but I'm not that into running.
I wear 360s for fashion, never thought they were much of a running shoe. I just bought a pair of Nike Frees and I'm loving them so far. Check them out
Originally Posted by anguy14

air max 95s are good

I hated it when I first ran in my 95s cause they were 135 but they are very comfortable and worth the money. I used them for heavy like sprint workouts andfor distance running and they felt great.
New Balance 993! and I promise u'll never look back it's the best shoe....also check the tread on the heel of ur current running shoe to see where youpronate or overpronate most shoes are designed for people who over-pivot their heels inward or outward, but the NB 993 was built for a neutral step (like theAir Max 360's) wayy lighter shoe as well u'd think the suede would make it heavier (although i haven't tried the Fly Wire's yet but Nike mayhave them beat in the weight dept.), and they're durable too i still have a few pairs 991's that are about 5 yrs old by now, and still kickin but my993's are IMHO the best replacement for the 991 the 992 i felt the Rollbar technology hardened my step a lil bit the 993 has the best balance of theprevious models to date they're definitely worth the $130 and there's a F&F @ Footlocker i usually take these chances to scoop them up for $87 alsoif u run frequently u should get a new pair every 4-6 months so ur knees don't cave in the L/T..hope this was useful....
air max 90's and nike free trainers. I prefer the nike free 7.0 cause they jus look better than the other models.
Oh yeh do not get shox because it does not enhance performance. I don't get why people all prefer nike shox because they are heavy and uncomfortable.You'll more likely to twist your ankles running with shoxs IMO.
Agree with the New Balance 993 and Brooks Beast... but honestly if I were you, I'd go to a running specialty store and get a gait analysis. They'll putyou on a treadmill barefoot and see how your foot turns (pronation) when you run, and then fit you for a proper shoe. Very important in the long run (no punintended) for the health of your joints to get a running shoe that supports your foot type and stride. I went to my local shop (Texas Running Company) and theydid the gait analysis for free.

Any true runner will tell you that Shox are generally horrible running shoes. Don't follow all the style hype (Air Max 95, Air Max 360, Shox, etc...) whenchoosing a serious running shoe, at least until you get a proper gait analysis.
get a gait analysis. stick to tech running shoes such as the nike bowerman line, brooks, asics, mizuno. etc. a gait analysis will narrow down your choices toeither neutral, stability, or motion control shoes.

I will say that the first feel test isnt necessarily the best choice for you when choosing a running shoe. if you are a hard striker, firmer shoes might be abetter option even though something softer might feel better at first.
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