Reebok McDonald’s All American jersey question

Jan 21, 2021

I really appreciate any help in advance.

I’m wondering if anyone knows who may have manufactured and customized the Reebok-branded McDonald’s All American Game jerseys from the early 2000s? I just obtained a sample jersey from the 2004 Game (which featured Dwight Howard, JR Smith, Rajon Rondo, etc.,) and I want to get it customized.

I have reached out to two known Reebok manufacturers (RJ Liebe Lettering in Missouri and Ripon Athletic in Wisconsin) but both companies claim to have not worked on these jerseys.

If anyone has any leads, I would really appreciate the assistance.

Photo of the jersey is below.

Thank you very much.

You'll have better luck posting this in this thread.....

Thank you very much; I really appreciate the help!
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