Remember I-Doser?


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I remember reading this being a pretty big thread here a few years ago. People claiming it was accurate, others saying it's not.

Still relevant today? I have no idea how this came back into my mind, but just felt like posting.

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It's not a story, so don't even think about saying this post is cool, bro!

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Sensory deprivation causes hallucinations. The idea is that since you are constantly bombarded with stimuli, if you cut them all off, you're brain begins to make things up.

For sensory deprivation, you have to cover you're eyes and listen to static, so that concept isn't new. Look up the Ganzfeld Procedure.

The idea that a specific frequency of static can have a different effect is something I'm skeptical about.
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oh I remember it. Never tried it but I am downloading some now, I will. Read some reviews saying it works with some of the "doses"....
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I tried it when there was that big thread about it here awhile ago. Didn't really do anything for me personally, I'd rather just smoke.
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