RENDERING: puma bball

Sep 1, 2006
I redesigned an old design I did and here it is. It is a basketball shoe with the upper made out of hollow tubing. Each tube is a slightly different shade of grey, creating a fade from white to black. Transparent plastic overlays are over that to provide support and protection for the foot. A vent can be found in the heel cup of the shoe. All feedback is appreciated.
Nice stuff. A couple of critiqs.IS that an air vent on the lateral? It has a Puma style to it, but I think it would crease like mad, although I dont know what these tubes would be amde up of? What are the blue things?Wheres the outsole on the booty? A suggestion, I think it might look better, switch the colours around from bottom to top make it from dark to bright, like the Air Max 95. Otherwise, nice detailed rendering. Oh and take a look at the proportions, they're off, toebox is too big.
RIP Mike Szabo aka my Godfather.
The tubing would be rubber and the overlays would be translucent plastic. Creasing could be an issue but I also intended the seperations of the tubing to be flex zones especially in the toes. Also as far as the fade I did it to be purposefully the opposite of the air max but it might look better the other way.
Cool...I would have tried to add a little something to the heel, but overall an okay design. Definately look like pumas. Not quite sur what those light blububbles are
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