Restoring Air Max 95s..

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Not sure if this is the correct forum.. Sorry in advance if so.

I was wondering if there was any way of cleaning the white midsoles ofAir Max 95s, specifically the womens grapes classics. Neither theregular foam cleaner nor the magic eraser has done any justice.
Is there any hope?

Thanks for any input/advice.
Joined Jul 6, 2003
the only way to get those white again is to paint em,the paint has been chipped off,you could scrub em with just some water to get the black scuffs off but the sole will just b a yellowish off white,happened with all my air burst
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This is the downfall of most white midsoled AM95s. No way to get them "white" white again - best thing is above to paint them when they get this dingy after scrubbing the hell out of them. You can use all types of paint but since the midsole material is a little porous I'd go with white scuff hiding polish from Tana or something

The ones pictured above have not so much had there paint "chipped" off as much as "scuffed" off. Bound to happen again but apply the scuff hider with a q-tip occasionally for touchups & you should be good to go.


Joined Aug 9, 2008
this is the reason why I do not wear AM95s with white midsoles...


Joined Apr 5, 2010
oxy sport from's like 5 bucks...apply it and take an old (clean) white shirt and rub it back and forth while applying pressure...i use it on all my midsoles and it works like a charm
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