Retail for h&m stripped hoodies in canada?

$39.90 + tax to be exact. $45.49 after tax.
Y--U--N--G. R--O--M--E. No need to dress warm, cause I wear plenty of heat.
they mustve bumped the price then

either way im slowly buying less and less from H&M, seems u cant walk 10meters without seeing someone in a striped hoody
^ What did you expect from a mass retailed brand? Exclusivity? Limitedness?
FOR SALEdOubleO @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces)
Hey would somebody be able to get me one of those striped hoodies? I haven't seen them in my part of canada :frown:
Team Logic
A flaw in the logic? As long as it's nobody that's in my clique...​
It's called qualifying your statement, try it sometime.​

YO! Sell me your size 12-12.5 XVIs,III mochas,20.5.5 blues,XIII flint, XI DMP and AZGs!
^ thats cause your'e 6 months late.
There are still striped hoody's at the H&M in Yorkdale. I was there yesterday and saw them on a table.....personally I would never wear them, I was there looking for those damn skeleton gloves that came out around Halloween lol
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