Retro 4's paint chipping

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Joined Feb 28, 2013
hi I have 4 retro 4's and I have noticed after a few wears the paint in the midsole star chipping. I have a pair of military blues that I haves wear them because of that and I wanted to know if the heat that causes the box makes the paint chip away or in another case if a I have air conditioner will the cold affect the midsole paint too since I turn off the air conditioner and obviously the temp changes
Joined Apr 30, 2002
Temperature would definitely be a factor in paint chipping but not the only one. A person's height, weight, and walking style would also play a role. In short, it's impossible to pinpoint what causes cracking.
Joined May 1, 2013
can't stop it or prevent it, IV's chip all the time.

you can either repaint them or have someone who knows how to do it for you...........or buy another pair but you'll still probably see it chip eventually.
Joined Mar 18, 2013
just wear it out then send it in for repaint if you can't do it yourself.
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