Retro '95 All-Star jerseys (adidas)??? ***Pics inside***

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[color= rgb(255, 255, 255)]Available at[/color] .

[color= rgb(255, 255, 0)]Price, $100. [/color]

[color= rgb(255, 255, 0)]Currently, only the five shown below are available...butimagine, if they made a Jordan or a Penny one?'s a wrap!!!![/color]

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these are sweet!!!!...adidas is definitely milkin their contract with the people! they are definitely exhausting all possibilities for sales withreleasing certain apparell editions and remakes of colourways of iconic shoes for the different teams and also AS games!.... too bad anythin of this sort thatcomes out from another company after adi's contract is done will look like a copy!....NIKE you slept!

would love to see that MJ jersey but i think he is really sensitive about having his name (or wearing for that matter) anything other than his brand that may not happen. remember how he taped up adidas logos on his Bobcats training gear when he participated a couple years ago?....

notice the white tape over thebobcat logo....that hides the adidas three stripes despite him wanting to be with adidas and converse when he was comin out of UNC....i think thatsthe only thing we could imagine seein his name on that has any other logo other than the jumpman or swoosh....and i kinda agree!
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I've seen some on Ebay. They look pretty sweet. I like that they came out with these jersey's!!
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Yeah adidas is makin the most of their NBA contract- I'm not mad at them
I actuly like a few of their recent kicks. The one tmac and drose wear are tight
Man I hope Nike or JB picks up the next NBA contract- then maybe we'll see a Jordan 96 all-star jersey!!
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If only I wore jersies, those would be copped.
Would love to see a Reggie Miller one too
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Do you guys think Jordan Brand will ever get a contract with the NBA? I doubt it but when will Nike come back? Is that why they havent throwbacked any Jordanjerseys because Nike dont have a contract with the NBA?
Joined Jul 21, 2004
^ probably so....and comes back to my original post in this thread...but i'd love to see JB get a contract...waitin patiently
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By the way, MJ wasn't on the roster, nor was he in the league during this game right? (came back after for a playoff push)

NBA store is giving free shipping on all these and other All Star gear, D-icks sporting goods has the same stuff (same free shipping but only on $99 or overtotal), also shorts in kids sizes for this years All-Star and T-shirts to customize with the menu dropdown to pick other players, including Penny Hardaway (noShawn Kemp though) for the customized deal:

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