RETRO FORUM: what goes where, read here before posting!!

May 2, 2001


A reminder to our newer members and a refresher to the regulars about the forum divisions that exist on NT...
  • the RETRO forum is strictly that...for discussion of Retro Sneakers...NOT the SB line.... E-cues, URL, FC's, etc (any of the SB line that isn't a retro sneaker i.e. dunks or trainers) belong in Nike.
  • ANY type of BUYING/HOOK-UP/SELLING offers will be deleted on sight...any members violating the rules will be warned and/or banned. All Buy/Sell threads belong in our Buying and Selling Forums. Please use them. Thinly veiled Buy/Sell posts will not be tolerated.
  • NT is NOT a paging service, do not use it as such. You share the board with thousands of other people. Be considerate of them. If you wish to contact any particular user regarding sneakers they have mentioned or posted, contact them via their contact information their profile(usually AIM and/or email) or via ez-inbox box them, also in their profile. If it is not listed, then most likely they do not want to be contacted.
  • LEGIT CHECKS on individual ebay sellers or NTers belong in the General forum. If you need to verify if a particular sneaker is real. Put it in the
    [*]All pick up and collection posts now belong in the [url=]Sneaker Showcase forum.
  • Photoshop, Renderings, and Drawing posts posts now belong in the Sneaker Art forum.
  • SNEAKER PARTIES Events/Summits and the like belong in General, or the appropriate Regional Forum. Just b/c it is sneaker or retro themed, doesnt' mean it goes here.
  • What do I wear with? ...belongs in General...simply b/c you don't know what to wear with a "retro" shoe..doesn't mean it belongs here.
  • You need to make up your own mind ...the "this sneaker or that" posts are getting troublesome to say the very least...and adding to the clutter of the forum...You shouldn't need someone else to make up your mind for you about a pair of sneakers, whether it be buying X or Y...or asking which is better to trade for....If you're coming to this forum for an affirmation of your choice by having someone else say that one particular pair is more rare or is worth more, then you've missed the point in collecting...

    This forum was meant for sneaker discussion....NOT to make up your mind for you..... do that in General.

Posts of that do not belong in RETRO will be locked/deleted on site...

So for all old members and new members alike..just b/c you're primarily in the Retro forum please do not think that you don't need to use the other forums for their intended purposes.

Users that post against the forum guidelines will be issued a warning. Consistent posting against forum guidelines will result in your username from being banned from NT.

You guys wanted a cleaner retro forum?'s the guidelines....please be sure to follow them.

Now. why don't YOU do something about it YOURselves... stop bumping up inane topics and so called stupid posts by replying to them and bashing on the original poster. Let the thread die a natural NT death. Replying to a post only serves to keep it on the board longer. If you want to inform the user to the forum guidelines, then link him/her to this post.
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