Return Question at Footlocker/Finishline

Joined Apr 16, 2008
So NT...i copped something at a finishline that was about an hour away from me and my local finishline closed and the one an hour away is the closest. I have aFL thats 15 mins away and wonder if i can return a pair of shoes to FL w/ a receipt and get like a store credit.

Has anyone ever done this?


Joined Dec 12, 2005
its not possible.

If I were you, I would not bring a receipt and ask if you can make an exchange. I know this would never fly at my store, but you may be able to work somethingout. Again don't bring that receipt though, because that would be a definite no
Joined Apr 16, 2008
i meant wit out a receipt but is a air max 2009 the same from both finishline and FL or are the barcodes different??
Joined Jan 18, 2009
Originally Posted by dagreatwhun

the SKUs are the can exchange. i doubt youll get store credit though..

theres also colors that FNL got that FL didnt. Not sure on what colors other than i know Volts are a FNL only
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