Review Request: Adidas Gil-Zero Low?

i'm not much of reviewer, but they do run a half size big. i got 10.5 which is my normal size and they have room in the front. as far the preformace they're awsome, one of the best w/o zoom cushioning i've worn.
Yea they run pretty normal for me but after a couple games they stretch pretty badly so keep that in mind ..i'd probly go a half size down..other than that the comfort was really goo along wit the traction(i played on a college floor so it was clean)..umm thats all i can think of for now though
Umm i havent worn the t-macs but id say the cushioning is definately up there during the for a while but adidas cushioning always breaks down too quickly for me which is why i generally stick to nikes..and im not the heaviest player 5'9 maybe 5'10 and weigh 150
^^^shoe cushioning systems start to break down after 6 months. if its and older shoe, even though you just bought it the shoe will wear down faster.

the adidas cushioning also feels like it breaks down faster because theres no air cushioning it in like in nikes (air, zoom, max air, etc.). the air bags nike makes will last far longer than the midsole foam, which is why they seem to last longer.
Does this apply to the mids too?
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^^ i generally look at the outsole pattern and take an educated guess as to how easy it will lost its original form of traction. and for these, they should lose pretty fast, if u use the shoe to its full-potential, and not just stand around, they don't look like they will last too long compared to other outdoor shoes on the market
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