Review Request: Jordan XXII

Oct 9, 2002
A detailed review would be appreciated. I'm thinking of getting these for ball. I've played in the XXI's for about 6 months and love them. How do the 2 compare?
Thanks in advance!
I know the traction is better on the XXIs but the cushioning in the forefoot of the xxiis is softer. But im not a review specialist so I cant give a in depth review. Both are the best to me indoors.
IMO, I like the XXII's better. theyre a tad lighter, i feel like i cant get off the ground when im wearing the XXIs. theyve got great ankle support and very comfortable because theyre so dam big. and people say they have great traction but if your going slow (because theyre so heavy) then its easier to stop then when ur going top speed. the best part is how comfortable the XXI's are and the str8 ahead traction, now planting and switching directions i wouldnt necessarily say they are the best. The XXII's are a tad lighter (every ounce makes a difference), IMO the traction is better all around, and the shoe is a lil more comfortable. XXI<XXII
hands down THE BEST BALL SHOE EVER!!!!
im 6'3 f n have had these since they've been released
i no their not flashy or anything but their the most fundamentally shoe ever(Tim Duncan should endorse these)
the traction is great n seems to be better as u wear them out
the titanium alloy mid foot is solid for support n ventialtion is really good-i have smelly feet they smelled new even after my 2-3rd time out (2-3 time eachtime)
my only knock may be durability, after the 6 months or so (i think) that ive had them, the white leather is really dirty n the laces r sweat colour.
the medial heel sole is also pretty creased from cuts n jumping.
traction- 10/10
construction-8.5/10-the heel counter could be better but the diagonal plastic slide is create support added. the pods r also really imporved fro the xx1s
ankle support-10/10
overall-9.5/10-like i said underrated but possibly the BEST BALL SHOE EVER created
i have the XX1 and XX2.. the xx2 feel better, and have better cushion, but traction i would have to say its about the same (best traction EVER).. the XX2 isprobably one of the best shoes ive ever played bball in...
Def the XX2 no doubt.
The traction on these is ridiculous, not even comparable to the XX1 imo.
Better cushioning, better traction, lighter = better shoe.
The XX2's were designed to be the best performance basketball shoe to date, and they perform that way.
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