Review Request: Nike Air Max Penny IV

Dec 19, 2004
Looking in buying these becuase I need a new pair of balling shoes





i used it a couple of times and the positives are: very attractive and classic design
you'll have an incredible ankle support, too good in fact that it feels restrictive

cons are bad traction and on the heavy side
i haven't balled in them much so perhaps teh sole needs breaking in to grip the floor better but it doesn't really suit my need in shoes

when i buy shoes, i am looking for great traction, enough ankle support but not too much (to me, 2k5 is not enough support and zoom kobe is just right), and mid cut that lies lower than normal mid cuts

if you have teh same requirement in shoes as i do, perhaps look elsewhere.....for the same price range, i suggest converse wade 1.0 or 1.3, zoom kobe I and perhaps even 20.5.5
Haven't balled in mine, but they felt like they could give the best of what's out there now a seroius run for their money if you're a big man type of player. If traction is anywhere near decent, they'd be a steal at current prices. Re-lace and putting them on are a major hassle though.
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