Apr 29, 2006
i was just wondering how these are for playing ball, indoor or out. i have a few pairs of kicks that i play ball in but these really appealed to me; furthermore the white/navy/maroon colorway looks like it would be great for the summer.
anyone at all? i know someone must've played in these. all i really need to know is how the traction, fit, and ankle support are and how the durability on an outdoor court would be
I tried them on and they felt absolutly horrible, they are one of the worst fitting shoes I have ever put on. the top of the toe area rubbs against your sking, its a very annoying feeling. They felt like a walmart shaq shoe to be honest. Poor quality, and way too narroow.
its sad how companies like converse cant put a what..$2 air bag? (icon tech) underneath the foam to make the ride a bit softer.... :smh:
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