Rewiew Request and Q's: Lebron 20.5.5

Jun 14, 2006
Since a few new colorways are gonna b released in a week or so and they've been fairly popular as outdoor balling shoes, I've been thinking of getting the black/silver pair (hottt lol)
Prof K gave a summary on it's performance, but i'd like ot know your opinions after almost a year since ist's 1st GR

though, i have a few concerns.

The velcro straps?, is it effective and does it last?

the perforations? does it provide good ventilation?

The Ankle strap? with it, it looks like a high top. does that affect mobility in terms of cutting and driving? does it even work to provide ankle support?

Full length soom air? how long does it last? I hear the zoom air on the lebron II's bottom out kinda fast. is it the same case for these? they were released within a year of each other.

I'm 5'11"- 6'0" 155 lbs. slasher, mostly work below 18 feet, shoot mid-range j's and drive

EDIT: what does TB and OG mean?
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1) The velcro straps lasted for a good amount of time on my white/black pair. I only recently started having problems with them but I go them when they released so it lasted a while. It is effective, you can really feel it especially the strap closer to your forefoot.

2) It's not just there for looks. Ventilation is no doubt increased, this is one of the reasons I prefer the 20.5.5 over the Jordan Work'm.

3) It's not even really an ankle strap, it's like the ZK1 in that there's no velcro to tighten it, it's just there. It does provide good ankle support.

4) They definitely don't bottom out like the Lebron 2 do, mine are still comfortable now. They may not have the exact same spring as they did when I first got them but that's inevitable over time.
how is the sizing? true to size, 1/2 size bigger, or 1/2 smaller?

who knows the lacing method that can lock the velcro down so that it won't get loose overtime
i believe you lace the laces through the back two holes as in the prof. k review. it shows there what exactly i am talking about if you are still confused. btw i don't know if it permanently prevents the straps from coming undone but it def. does reduce the chances of it.
These shoes are MAD comfy. I use them for school and I'm considering picking up another pair for ballin'. The zoom air is AMAZING.
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