Rich Homie Quan

Joined Jul 22, 2012
Any of yall up on Rich Homie?  I dont know about yall area, but down here he is killin the scene

And this gem right here...

I know im not the only one spinnin Rich Homie Quan on here.  Dude has bangers for days.  He's compared to Future, but he really has better lyrics, range, and melodies. And less autotune.  Kinda like a Future X Rocko.
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meek meals

Joined Jul 18, 2012
I mess with him . . . Heard his name alot, checked him out and thought he was okay but he did his thing on Trap House 3 Album
Joined Jun 7, 2004
At first I just thought he was another wack fake future, then I listened to the tape and pretty much every song on there is flames

Choices, investments, pass around, sacrifices, all I need, we gone be straight>>>

Future better drop something better than that FBG tape next time around cause RHQ might just take his spot.


Joined Feb 8, 2013
He's been nice on every feature I've heard him on with Gucci & Jeezy nem. But I just gave 2-3 of his solo joints a listen and they were forgettable, juries still out though, he has potential.
Joined Mar 2, 2005
we been listenin to homie for a minute his tracks go, mainly the young lan produced joints. this his first thread on here? dang :smh: :smokin


formerly willchamberlain
Joined Nov 24, 2012
Atl really got a new ***** every year hell a few every year to blow up.
Joined Oct 26, 2008
my patnas love this ***** music but i just cant get wit it for sum reason. its cool in the club tho
Joined May 2, 2012
yea here in the city we been on him like 2 yrs if not longer

some type of way #1 on all the lil radio count downs
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